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We ask everyone who is looking to adopt to please fill out the adoption application form below. This helps us ensure all felines are going to loving homes with compatible families. 

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Due to the nature of our Rescue, we take in cats who are not always ready to be placed in a home just yet. However, with unconditional compassion, patience and lots of treats, our volunteers work hard with all our furry felines to socialize them and teach them how to accept the love they deserve. Check back frequently to see who is ready for a loving family. 

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Dougie & Winnie

Sex and ages: 

Dougie: Male, 8 yrs 

Winnie: Female, 5 yrs  

Personality: Bonded pair, loyal, sweet, sensitive, quiet

Dougie is now bonded with Winnie. They will have to go together to their furever home. Yes, a very unique duo indeed. Dougie helps Winnie come out of her shell and makes her feel safe. Winnie gives Dougie purpose and confidence in himself. We cannot separate them now, as they would be heartbroken.


Sex: Female

Age: 1 year

Personality: Shy, sweet, playful


Sex: Female

Age: 3 yrs

Personality: Quiet and friendly

Ava is a beautiful long-haired tortoiseshell. She's a bit reserved, but once you start petting her she relaxes and purrs to show her contentment. Ava likes the company of other cats, and would probably do best in a quieter home. If you have the love and patience to help this sweet, shy girl blossom, please contact us now. She is very ready for her furever home!


Sex: Female

Age: 6 yrs

Personality: Outgoing, loving and affectionate

Skye is an absolute love bug. She enjoys attention and social environments and is very ready to go to her furever home. Skye is hard to get a picture of because she moves so much, wanting to get close to you so you can pet her. If she doesn't get the pets she asks for, expect a little sass! Skye is good for a laugh and company on good and bad days alike.


Sex: Female

Age: 2 yrs

Personality: Quiet and friendly

This pretty young lady is Ariel. Although Ariel is still a bit skittish at first, she appreciates a nice brushing and will warm up to you once she sees she can trust you. Ariel likes hanging out with other cats, and with a little encouragement she will engage in toy play. Due to her timid nature, we feel she would do best in a calm home environment. If Ariel sounds like a good fit for you, please contact us today so this beautiful lady can live her best life.


Sex: Male

Age: 6 yrs

Personality: Extroverted, loving, affectionate

Sparky would really, really love

to be taken to his furever home. He is one of the sweetest, most loving felines we've had with us at BHH. He loves you so much in fact that he gets a little upset if other cats (and dogs) come between the two of you, so if he can have you all to himself he promises to fill those boots. Indoor with outdoor catio access is ideal. 

Snickers was taken into foster care while she was overcoming her fear of humans. Our most recent update confirms that she is in fact blossoming beautifully! Snickers will keep you company as you tend to your chores around the house, she'll take every opportunity she can to play and she'll cozy up with you to Netflix and chill at the end of the day. Be sure to notify us if you'd like to meet Snickers so we can arrange a date with her foster parents.


Sex: Female

Age: 5 yrs

Personality: Friendly, attention-seeking

Although Creamsicle prefers to be the only cat at the party, she's happy to mingle with dogs and humans. Creamsicle would best suit a home that can accommodate a catio for outdoor access as well. Happily furever after.


Sex: Female

Age: 4 yrs

Personality: Sweet, friendly, affectionate

Minnie lives for cuddles and love! She is always happy to have a lap to "knead" on and melt your troubles away. Minnie is friendly with both humans and other kitties. Indoor with outdoor catio access preferred. Give us a call to bring this sweet girl home


Sex: Male

Age: 1 year

Personality: Laid back, friendly, polite

Spencer is your definition of chill. Super laid back, good with other cats, and content just being in your presence. He's well-mannered, patient, and will speak up when spoken to. Indoor/outdoor catio access is best for this lad.