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We ask everyone who is looking to adopt to fill out an adoption application. We like to make sure all our cats are going to loving homes, and it helps us fit a cat into the right family. So click the Feline Adoption Application and Agreement form below to start filling it out today. 

Our Cats Up for Adoption:

If you want to meet one of our friendly felines, please schedule an appointment. Please contact us by phone, email, or by one of our social media pages to schedule an appointment.


Cats in the Rehabilitation Phase:

Due to the nature of our rescue, we get cats who are not ready to be placed in a home yet. However, with love, patience and lots of treats, our volunteers work hard with all our furry felines to get them ready to accept the love they deserve. So check back frequently to see who is ready for a loving family. 

Phone: (250) 801-0519
Location: PO Box 1738
          Grand Forks,BC
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Dougie & Winnie

Age: Dougie- Male, 8 yrs 

Winnie- Female, 5 yrs old 

Likes: Pets, being together and playing

Personality: Bonded Pair

Dougie is now bonded with Winnie. They will have to go together to their forever home. They are a very unique duo, but Dougie helps Winnie come out of her shell and makes her feel safe. We can not separate them now, as they would be too heartbroken.


Age: 3-year old Male

Likes: Hiding in a secure location, pets, head rubs

Personality: Shy but sweet

Felix is a former tomcat. He is also a very big boy. He comes around easy to attention, and his favourite thing is getting head rubs. He even starts to scratch his ear if you find the right spot. 


Age: 1 year old Female

Likes: To play, but still a bit human shy

Personality: Shy, but in foster care now

Snickers is on her way to becoming a great human companion. She is human shy right now, but she is in foster care, overcoming her fears. Her absolute favourite thing is to play.


Age: 3-year-old Female

Likes: Pettings, quiet and calm environments

Personality: Quiet and friendly

Ava is a beautiful long-haired tortoiseshell, approximately 3yrs old. She's a bit reserved, but once you start petting her she really starts to relax and purr! She likes the company of other cats, and would probably do best in a quieter home. If you have the love and patience to help this sweet, shy girl blossom, please contact us now.


Age: 6-year-old female

Likes: Pets, people and attention

Personality: Outgoing, loving and affectionate

Skye is an absolute love bug. She loves attention and people and is not shy. She is very ready to go to her forever home. Skye is hard to get a picture of because she moves so much, wanting to get close to you so you can pet her. Although we do recommend Skye being a quiet house due to some sassy behaviour.


Age: 2-year-old Female

Likes: Pettings, quiet and calm environments

Personality: Quiet and friendly

This pretty young lady is Ariel. She is approximately 2yrs old, and although she is still a bit skittish, she does like being pet and brushed! Ariel likes hanging out with other cats, and with a little encouragement she will engage in toy play with you! Due to her timid nature, we feel she would do best in a calm home environment.

If you have the caring and patience to help build this pretty kitty's confidence, please contact us today!