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We ask everyone who is looking to adopt to please fill out the adoption application form below. This helps us ensure all felines are going to loving homes with compatible families. 

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Due to the nature of our Rescue, we take in cats who are not always ready to be placed in a home just yet. However, with unconditional compassion, patience and lots of treats, our volunteers work hard with all our furry felines to socialize them and teach them how to accept the love they deserve. Check back frequently to see who is ready for a loving family. 

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3 yrs

Ava is a beautiful long-haired tortoiseshell. She is looking for a loving home with a sunny window, preferably as your only pet. Ava is quiet and very well behaved, enjoys a regular kitty diet and cuddles from her adoptive heroes!



6 yrs

Skye is who we like to refer to as the shelter's princess. She enjoys attention and first dibbs and is very ready for her furever throne. Skye loves the outdoors so please have a gated catio safe from other wildlife where she can still enjoy the fresh air and watch the birds. After full days like this it's not uncommon to find Skye deep in sleep, paws up and belly to the sky. 


Look at that face!

George is an adorable peaches and cream kitty seeking a quieter home where he can relax. George is healthy with a long life ahead of him, enjoys the outdoors (preferably in a gated catio where he's still safe from wildlife) and a standard kitty diet. Give this boy a couple treats and he'll warm up to you in no time!

1 year



Sex: Male

Age: 1 year

A very special and sensitive soul who appreciates a low stress environment- the only thing this bandit has ever stolen is our hearts! If there must be other felines in the home, Bandit asks that they be laid back as he's not here to step on any toes.

Bandit is great for a giggle with his quirky personality and is truly a joy to have around. He's affectionate, playful and sweet.



1.5 yrs

Mifflin has come a long way in a short time with us at Helping Hands! Once very shy and timid, now very friendly and affectionate. Mifflin gets along with other cats and loves the company of humans, preferably those who understand not to be too rough or unpredictable. Mifflin will make a wonderful companion.



Sex: Male

Age: 3 yrs

Blackjack says it like it is. He prefers the company of adults over children and would rather be your one and only than to have to compete (no other cats please.)  Blackjack is like that uncle who has an opinion about everything, who's quirky and always good for a laugh, and makes for great memories. He'll be happy to listen to you vent after a long day, and communicate it when he needs the same.


8 mos

Clear the runway for this stunner, folks! Slinky puts the "cat" in "catwalk." Born blessed with silky long hair, symmetrical stripes and white "booties", this handsome young lad is sure to turn heads. 
Super affectionate, too. Loves to cuddle up and get lost in your eyes. Slinky gets along with most other kitties and prefers to stay indoors.


Sex: Male

2 years

This sweet, handsome boy has been at the Shelter way too long! This is Habanero, and due to his shy nature, and being solid black in color, he is often overlooked by potential adopters 😿

He is sooo soft, and loves to be pet & have his cheeks scratched, but due to his nervous nature, we are recommending a calm living environment for him, preferably where he can have a little outside time, as he is a big fan of the Shelter catio space. He is approximately 2yrs old, and loves the company of other cats. We are not sure how he is with dogs.



2 yrs

Chestnut is a very loving, confident boy who insists on being the center of attention!  Due to this, he can be a bit aggressive towards other cats if they try to steal his spotlight, but he's fine sharing his space with laid-back cats. We think he would be a good fit with young children, as he has lots of energy and loves to play.  We haven't had him long, but we feel he misses outside time and would enjoy being an indoor/outdoor kitty.  He is not a fan of dogs.

Grizzly is like his name suggests-a big bushy teddy bear! He's still a little shy, but LOVES to have his cheeks scratched and will warm up to you quickly. He's fine with other cats as long as it's a calmer environment. This handsome boy is a large kitty and is outdoor savvy, so he could make for a great indoor/outdoor rodent controller! Just as long as he gets the love & attention he so wants and deserves ❤️



4 yrs